Eco Logistics

Eco-Logistics, a factor to be taken into account in the logistics sector

Your company is known in the logistics business, you have invested in eco-buildings, designed a competitive value chain, recruited responsible employees, and you are aware of the challenges of energy transition.


Over the years, the environment has become a matter of course, a strategic element and finally an inspiration. Eco-Logistics has therefore become a factor in economic performance for:

  • company employee well-being in the short term
  • the image of the company and its competitiveness in the medium term
  • the overall eco-system in which the company operates in the long term

Environmental performance to be taken into account in your financial strategy

The total cost of using a producer’s good is often limited to direct and indirect costs, i.e. investment, consumables, servicing, repairs and related energy costs.

But many, often overlooked, indirect costs also need to be taken into account:

  • Sick leave – accidents, falls, MSDs
  • Staff turnover due to poor working conditions
  • Noise pollution suffered by employees and local residents
  • Company image linked to its environmental impact
  • Decontamination
  • Ecological footprint
  • Carbon footprint

To continue the sustainable initiatives introduced in a company, the total cost of use must also draw on CSR data. Otherwise, how can we justify the existence of these new measures?


In addition to being compact and user-friendly, the ATM’s fully electric power unit is a feat of technology.


  Zero noise,
Zero carbon emissions


Reduced size:
5.4-metres long, 2,4-metres wide
for greater manoeuvrability


Cab is low to the ground
for maximum security


Lithium battery technology radically reduces charging times:
charged within 2.5 hours, it can operate for 8 hours and up to 5000 charging cycles.


The value chain starts at the lowest tier of the company because that is where the pleasure of working begins. Employees need to give meaning to their work and actions. Working eco-consciously is an inherent responsibility that goes beyond all divisions. Our innovation is useful because in addition to promoting eco-mobility, it eases intra-company relations by reconciling men and women with their daily work tool.

Combining green logistics with sustainable competitiveness

Our products and related services are made-to-order to meet your demands and specifications as closely as possible. Because your competitiveness is our top priority.

Regardless of whether you manufacture, store or distribute, it is the processes you use today and how you improve on them tomorrow that count when competing with your competitors. Our terminal tractor combines responsible logistics with sustainable competitiveness.

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Thanks to BLYYD, you can adopt a responsible and sustainable approach for your logistics processes